Best Supplies for Small Marmosets & Monkey Pets

In a very short amount of time, we came to the realization that there is a massive need for a trustworthy, reliable, and legitimate resource for knowledge and items relating to small marmosets monkeys.

Our goal is to provide you with the information you want about monkey pets as quickly as possible so that you may fulfill your dream of owning an unusual pet.

You will also discover a wealth of information about small monkey pets, which will not only assist you in obtaining a tiny monkey as a pet but also in providing adequate care for it.

Monkey Crumble/Porridge

It has been shown that marmosets kept in captivity have greater needs for vitamin C than Old World monkeys and apes. Since this need cannot readily be reached by eating just fruit, it is necessary to include it in one’s diet. The necessary amount of vitamin C may be obtained by supplementing the food with fruit and giving the animal 40 percent Marmoset Crumble. Marmosets and tamarins have higher requirements for protein than lemurs and some other primates, so they can be fed other types of protein, including crickets, mealworms, and hard-boiled eggs (not raw eggs), low-lactose cheese, or cooked meats. This is because marmosets and tamarins are more closely related to humans. (the fat content of mealworms and crickets makes them valuable food sources)

Casein and whole eggs are used to enhance the flavor of marmoset crumble. Even though the Marmoset Crumble only accounts for 40 percent of the diet, the high-quality proteins it contains, in addition to the lysine and methionine that are added, guarantee that the diet contains sufficient amounts of protein. In accordance with the conclusions of studies conducted in both Europe and the United States, a significant amount of vitamin C has been included. The recommended daily allowances of the other vitamins, trace elements, and minerals have also been included.

Feeding Instructions:     

Moisten the Marmoset Crumble with fruit juice and feed 10 grams of marmoset porridge, (2 teaspoons) per animal once a day. Add 2 tablespoons of warm (not hot) water to 2 teaspoons of marmoset porridge.

Add fruit and vegetables to appetite. You may also want to add some insects as described above.


Maize, wheat, processed soya, casein, whole egg, sugar, vegetable fat, limestone, calcium phosphate, salt, methionine, lysine, minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

  • Total Protein:                20% min.
  • Total Fat:                      7.5% min.
  • Calcium:                       2.0% max.
  • Phosphorus:                  0.9% max.
  • Moisture:                      10% max.

Monkey Delights

High quantities of vitamin C are included in the formulation of Monkey Chow, which was designed specifically to meet the dietary needs of monkeys. Provide enough food so that it may be eaten within three to four hours. Eat more fruits and veggies to satisfy your hunger.

Hanging/Sleeping Bag

Hanging / playing Hammock. Very popular.

Monkey Chow

Feeding instructions:

The nutritional needs of primates are catered to by Monkey Chow, which provides 40 percent of the total daily intake of the appropriate nutrients. Combine with water or fruit juice and stir until it has the consistency of crumbs. Provide enough food so that it may be eaten within three to four hours. Eat more fruits and veggies to satisfy your hunger.


Maize that has been processed, rusk, soy meal, egg powder, vegetable oil, casein, limestone, dicalcium phosphate, methionine, lysine, and other vitamins and minerals.


Total protein: 20% min, fat 7.5% min, calcium 2% max, phosphorous 0.9% min, moisture 10% max.

The term “monkey chow” refers to a more generic food that has been used in a variety of zoos to augment the diets of animals ranging from marmosets to gorillas. The impact of the product, rather than its flavor, was what the manufacturer was going for, thus animals who were already used to it fared quite well. However, it will take some time before they would willingly consume the stuff.

We are in the process of reevaluating the meals of our monkeys with the goal of making those foods more appetizing to the typical ape. The so-called “Baboon Cube,” which is actually a high-quality extruded cube and is being fed to gorillas, chimps, orangutans, and gibbons at the moment, is the first of two new products that are proving to be very successful at the moment. The other product that is proving to be very successful at the moment is our “Baby Cube,” which is a stuffed animal. The second one is our Leaf Monkey diet, which has shown to be very effective when administered to Red Pandas, Colobus, and other species of monkeys who are required to consume a diet that is rich in fiber.

Monkey Transport Bag

Carry your four-legged companions with comfort and elegance. The tote has windows made of mesh on both the side and the front, a front zipper, a carry handle, and an adjustable shoulder strap. Perfect for chinchillas, marmosets, guinea pigs, and other small animals.

Monkey Cube

Your infant marmoset monkeys’ enclosure will benefit greatly from the addition of a cube-shaped bed made of plush fleece on the inside. The Marmoset Monkey is able to investigate, learn, play, and generally “monkey about” thanks to the hole that is located on the top as well as on two of the sides.

Hanging Monkey Tent

Monkey Play & Cuddle Hammock

Monkey Hammock Gingham Bottom With Fleece Top

Crawling Tunnel

Monkey Blanket

Monkey Nap Sack Plain

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