Monkeys As Surrogate Children

Monkeys are often used as surrogate children. Many couples who are unable to have children or who have grown children who have fled the nest like to keep pet monkeys. Many people compare owning a pet monkey to having a kid. Surrogate children, such as monkeys, wind up filling a hole in people’s life. Typically, this is a psychological emptiness. Baby monkeys are often regarded to resemble little toddlers or newborns; they are also highly friendly, making them ideal for those who need love, are lonely, or are unhappy and need someone to care for to give their life some purpose and/or company. These are some of the possible reasons for using newborn monkeys as surrogate children.

Many times, monkeys who are charming as newborns and act like children seeking attention and affection alter their behavior as they grow up and mature – they become monkeys, like nature intended. Some will act territorially or aggressively towards one or both owners. These monkeys often wind up in zoos or animal rescue shelters. Many behavioral issues will entail pet owners being attacked, bit, scratched, or hit.

Many animal behaviorists and experts see this endeavor to use monkeys as surrogate offspring as irrational and irresponsible human behavior. Most of the time, the animals suffer or are put down owing to a lack of knowledge on the part of the owners – information regarding behavioral difficulties as monkeys develop, which occurs at the age of two or three years. Many incidents may have been averted if pet owners had bothered to study or seek expert assistance.

It is abnormal to confine baby monkeys in cages or leave them alone. Many people are unaware that as newborn monkeys develop and become sexually active, they will exhibit various behavioral issues that humans are unable to meet. Others will mutilate an animal – removing the uterus, ovaries, sexual organs, and canine teeth – in order to create the perfect and ideal docile youngster, which seldom occurs in most situations. Many of these miserable creatures wind up in sanctuaries, zoos, or, in the worst-case scenario, labs for study.

Many individuals would dress monkeys in the same way they would dress a kid. They will purchase them toys, bottle-feed them, and otherwise treat them as if they were infants or toddlers. Because of their varying body temperatures, many of these monkeys will be uncomfortable in clothes and overheated. Many people who are given an unhealthy diet get fat, acquire diabetes, and suffer tooth rot. Despite the best efforts of the monkey owners, this is unlikely to be excellent parenting.

Although not all incidents of monkeys being used as surrogate children end on a negative note, the majority of them do. This is because the animal’s urge for a kid was not satisfied as naturally as imagined, leaving the couple or person unhappy. Before opting to adopt a monkey as a kid, educate yourself about the species, since not all species are the same. Follow the guidelines for maintaining exotic animals in your city or state as well. Visit for more information about monkeys as pets.

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